Welcome to St John's Visitors' page !



 If you haven't been to a Service at St John's before (or maybe not for a while), you will find our church very friendly and welcoming.

We’re part of the Church of England and normally meet at 11am every Sunday (What's On), at the church in Abinger Place, Lewes (see map).

Some of our Services are in a modern style, others are more traditional - but whether modern or traditional, they all focus on learning about the Christian life, and helping one another to live it as best we can.

There's always a Service sheet in the morning too - so you'll know what's going on!

If you'd like to come to a Service with children, the first Sunday in the month is the best one to come to.

Everyone is welcome at our Communion Services. You don't have to be confirmed - you can simply come up to the altar rail for a blessing, or it's perfectly OK to stay seated during that part of the service.

After every morning Service, there's always plenty of time for a chat over coffee, tea or other refreshment.

Is getting to church difficult? We may be able to help with a lift - ring Stuart on 473777.

Got any questions? Don't hesitate to contact us - and we look forward to seeing you soon . . .

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